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Multi-User Scientific Research Centers

       This program stimulates and augments research capabilities by making advanced facilities available in regional centers to multiple research programs and teams. These facilities are located in universities and are shared by research teams in the region, thereby making more efficient use of expensive facilities and equipment. In addition to review for scientific merit, such applications are evaluated in terms of the technical specification of instruments requested and also include aspects of methodological necessity and measuring needs as well as the space and personnel required to operate the facilities, and the prospects for adequate capacity utilization.
      USD 12.72 million were allocated for this sub-component.

      Depending on the projects' domain the financial resources available for this sub-component were distributed as follows:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Committee 1)
14 projects 1.538.000 USD
Engineering (Committee 2)
31 projects 4.873.020 USD
Socio-Human and Economics Sciences(Committee 3)
9 projects 1.130.000 USD
Life and Earth Sciences (Committee 4)
11 projects 2.098.505 USD
Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Committee 5)
10 projects 1.200.000 USD
Medical Sciences (Committee 6)
10 projects 1.886.000 USD