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The Reform Program of Higher Education and University Research RO-4096

      The Reform program of higher education and university research was implemented in the period between 1996 and 2002 and was funded in a total amount of USD 84 million coming from three sources:
- a grant from the European Union in total amount of USD 9.6 million;
- a loan from the World Bank in total amount of USD 50 million;
- a Government contribution of USD 24.4 million equivalent.

       The program RO - 4096 (Components II and III) has represented a major component of the Government strategy of developing higher education, a strategy that followed three main areas of development:
- the diversifying of instruction levels offered by the higher education system;
- the introduction of new areas and developing the existing ones, according to the market economy demands;
- the increase in the academic performance and the introduction of modern methods of learning.
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