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Major Research Program

       This program support teams an individual research sub-project to be carried out over a two or three year period. To give priority to project proposals involving training of Master's and Ph.D. students, requests that strengthen national and foreign scientific collaboration; at the activities having the potential for generating significant research funding, and to principal investigators with demonstrated scientific accomplishments. In addition, awards and renewal of support will require increasing institutional contribution to the costs of research and training activities.
        USD 13.11 million were allocated for this sub-component.

      Depending on the projects' domain the financial resources available for this sub-component were distributed as follows:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Committee 1) 38 projects 1.916.000 USD
Engineering (Committee 2) 62 projects 4.388.782 USD
Socio-Human and Economics Sciences(Committee 3) 39 projects 2.956.249 USD
Life and Earth Sciences (Committee 4) 25 projects 2.113.400 USD
Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Committee 5) 16 projects 749.000 USD
Medical Sciences (Committee 6) 8 projects 999.473 USD