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Programs for Young Academic Researcers

      This program was launched in the second stage of RHER when most of research infrastructures were set-up and ready to be used by young researchers. One of the main objective of developing this program in the second stage of the Reform in Higher Education and Research was to give them the opportunity to use large and modern research facilities developed in the first stage of the RHER including MURCs`. The program has the aim to stimulate young researchers to develop innovative research.
       USD 1.19 million were allocated for this sub-component.

      Depending on the projects' domain the financial resources available for this sub-component were distributed as follows:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Committee 1) 4 projects 94.500 USD
Engineering (Committee 2) 15 projects 326.200 USD
Socio-Human and Economics Sciences(Committee 3) 6 projects 300.756 USD
Life and Earth Sciences (Committee 4) 8 projects 198.440 USD
Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Committee 5) 5 projects 208.000 USD
Medical Sciences (Committee 6) 4 projects 71.600 USD